Test Your Knowledge


Q. Which two former Prime Ministers of Australia are known to have Cornish ancestry?
A. Robert Menzies and Bob Hawke.

Q. Six South Australian Premiers are known to have Cornish connections. Who are they?
A. George Marsden Waterhouse Premier 1861-1863 (born in Penzance in 1824).
James Penn Boucaut Premier (3 times) 1866-67; 1875-76; 1877-78.
David Tonkin Premier 1979-82.
Don Dunstan Premier 1967-68; 1970-79.
Robert Richards Premier 1933 (born in Moonta in 1885).
John Verran Premier 1910-12 (from age 8 lived in Moonta).

Q. Who is Moonta’s most famous mine captain?
A. Captain Henry Richard Hancock, superintendent of Moonta Mining Company 1864-1898 who kept the coffers in profit despite fluctuating copper prices,strikes, and the demands of shareholders. Credited for establishing tramways, a workers medical fund, the Moonta School of Mines, Point Pearce Mission for Aborigines,introducing skips, and inventing the rock drill and the Hancock jig.

Q. When did the Moonta and Wallaroo Mines close?
A. In 1923 due to a fall in world copper prices. Its then 2,000 workers at Moonta and Wallaroo refused to accept a drastic cut in wages so the company went into voluntary liquidation. Large stockpiles of accumulated ore and precipitates kept the smelters operating until 1926.

Q. For what was Moonta-born Oswald Pryor famous?
A. A cartoonist and author.

Q. What’s in a Cornish Pasty?
A. skirt steak, potato, turnip and onion.

Q. What does Furry mean?
A. Floral.

Q.What were miners cottages at Moonta originally made from?
A.Wattle and daub.

Q. What’s a Cornish Piskey?
A. A figment of the imagination of the superstitious Cornish people in centuries past. According to legend, they were about nine inches tall, clad in green and wore straw hats or little green caps.